I feel blessed to use my gifts of intuition, presence, curiosity, insight, and compassion to assist others on their personal journey during this amazing time of transition on our planet. I’m passionate about transformation, self-awareness and the expansion of consciousness. I am immensely grateful for the tools I’ve discovered while on my own path and I’m honored to share them with you.

As I’ve navigated seemingly insurmountable challenges in my own life, I’ve come to know and embody what I call my Infinite Beingness. It’s from this perspective that I now view every experience as an invitation to step more fully into this state of expanded consciousness.  I believe it’s time for each of us to know who we truly are and realize our full magnificence, power and potential, and I’m honored to act as a guide and facilitator for your expansion into more of YOU.

An understanding of energy arrived for me at a time when my life suddenly stopped working, and I was no longer able to ‘get by’.  While I had always known there was more to life, I began seeking earnestly.  I was guided to books, resources, Kundalini Yoga and an energy healer.  I enrolled at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the world’s premier institute of the study of hands-on healing and personal transformation. During the course of this four-year program of intensive academic and clinical training, I studied healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  But most importantly, I discovered the Truth of myself.  This was the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience of my life.

Additionally, I’m fortunate to have studied in person with Jo Dunning, training in the Quantum Energetics Disciplines program as a Quick Pulse Technique© Practitioner. I'm a certified Access Consciousness BARS Practitioner and completed a two-year internship in Flower Essence Therapy.  A certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation daily with grace and wild abandon and find much wisdom in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

In addition to my training in yoga and the healing arts, I’m a graduate of Smith College with a degree in Art History and French Language & Literature.  Prior to my transformation, I spent many years working in the corporate world.  I maintain a healing practice in Brooklyn, NY and teach Kundalini Yoga classes and private sessions throughout New York City. 

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