"Jennifer is an amazing healing facilitator, truly gifted with insight, connectedness and a compassionate ear.  Three times I have experienced her healing touch and each time was magical, mysterious and profound in its own way.  If you are willing to step into the unknown and be guided by your inner truth, I recommend Jennifer as your guide." 


"Jennifer is one of the most talented healers I have met.  I have been seeing her as a client for close to two years and she has helped me work through some of the most challenging issues in my life.  She has an ability go deep to the heart of things, hone in on the issue at hand and clear it in a true shamanic fashion.  She is unflinching and fearless in her work, and possesses great compassion and integrity.  I recommend her to anyone who'll listen."


"Quick Pulse with Jennifer is subtly powerful, nurturing and revealing!"


​"Jennifer's work is transformational!  Her deep intelligence and sensitive approach make me feel safe and understood, and enable me to move through my unconscious self and make some real changes with grace and ease.  She brings a lightness to the work that makes it actually fun to visit and work through some of my most stubborn material.  She is awesome!"


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