Why Energy?

Science is catching up to what cultures throughout the world have known since the beginning of time -- EVERYTHING is energy.  Prana, Ch’i, Ki and Lifeforce are all terms to describe this same vibrational reality.  As an energetic being, you are so much more than your physical body.  Your life energy field is a field of energy-consciousness that surrounds and interpenetrates your body.  And at your deepest core resides your unique essence, the individuated Divine within you -- your Infinite Beingness.

Your body and energy-consciousness system are designed to function at optimal health and well-being.  Vitality, harmony, peace, abundance, and joy are your birthright.  What if you could experience life as easy, joyful and spacious? Isn’t it time to allow yourself to receive it? 

At the root of any perceived ‘problem’ or ‘dis-ease’ is simply a forgetting of the Truth of your being.  This may show up as challenges, dissatisfaction or stuckness in any area of life -- relationships, finances, career, health, emotions, confidence, creativity, etc. 

As an experiential being, you are designed to process experiences and feelings in each moment. 'Density’ - unresolved emotional content, judgments, beliefs and points of view - happens when we don’t allow this natural flow to occur.  When we address an issue on the energetic level, we can dissolve, transform, and integrate the ‘density’ that’s keeping you from shining your full radiance and receiving all that life is offering you.

What if the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world is to step into your fullness and BE YOU?  When you allow yourself to be and have all of you, you set yourself free.  And you give others permission to do the same.  As each of us brings forth our unique essence, we change the world.  Can you imagine a world in which every person is fully embodying their unique gifts?  How amazing would that be?

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